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Natural Spring Water

The natural spring water "Water Bonart" is extracted from a depth of 98 meters source located at the foot of Ślężański National Park near Sobótka . Protective mantle of impervious layers of geological and carefully controlled process of filling guarantee the original purity of water and mineral composition of immutability.

Since the "Water Bonart" is packaged in only one place you guarantee that the product, which is under the label "Water Bonart" is always the same, with the same quality and composition.

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Water with the addition of iodine

Our water saturated with iodine, which is vestigial elements, essential to the proper organism functional, is simple and reliable way to iodine prevention.

So far, this one available form of prevention was iodine salt intake, and scientific studies have shown that consumption of (sodium chloride) by increasing the level of sodium ions in organism may lead to, inter alia, high blood pressure.

Primary energy water has been reinforced by the use of unique technology Johann Grander.

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Water Add's You Health

Water is the source of life and its original form. It is secret universe, which has raised life on Earth. Conceived by human civilization deprives us opportunities to derive strength from its natural environment, which was the capital by millions of years of clean running water. All human beings are aware of the deprivation of this force will see the beauty of nature and subconsciously feel a desire to return to it. Pure natural water, has the natural energy. Rarely, who has questioned why the water accumulated deep below the surface of the earth often several hundred years, there is no deterioration, and to pay for water in each store is given the date for dietary intake. The answer is simple; water in the ground is subjected to natural geological processes, is in constant motion. You can, so to say that energy alive.

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